Sensory Books & Reading with a Newborn


They say you never understand why your parents do something until you are in their shoes. Things spark my memory just about every day that bring me back. Reading was never something my brother or I enjoyed even though The library was a place my mom would take us often. Reading was alway a top priority. At our four month appointment the pediatrician mentioned the importance of reading. There are SO many things they tell you to do with the baby it’s extremely over whelming. Honestly they are awake long enough to get half the stuff done. But I was still embarrassed that I let this one thing slip.img_0152


I started to read a little bit at a time with Gunner and realized we were missing out. He’s completely fascinated by every page. Reading for him is not what I thought it was all about. It’s the pictures, the texture of the pages, the gentle tone of your voice they listen to. It’s not really about the words it’s about the connection. I now get why we went to the library, why my brother and I were forced to read book after book. Talk about full circle.

We take Gunner to the library at least once a week and have started to accumulate more and more books. Books with bright colors and different textures are the best for our soon to be 6 month old. I’ve listed a few of our favorite sensory books below.

1. Never Touch a Porcupine– Definitely our #1.  Every page has a textured spot where your baby can feel around.

2. See,Touch, Feel– Focusing on more than just the touch sense. Lots of bright colors and a different variety of textures.

3. Goodnight Moon – Not really a sensory book but this is such a classic. The bold colors in this book have Gunner mesmerized. We bought it with a soft cover too.


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