Gunner’s Nursery

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Completing Gunner’s nursery was not high on my priority list when it came to getting stuff done before he arrived. I envisioned him sleeping in his bassinet in our room for 3 months. Boy was I wrong. He lasted about 3 weeks in our room, then he was transferred to his crib. (I talk more about sleep training in this post). We had about 60% done when we brought him home (4 weeks early). It was basically all the larger items, the details came later.

I always envisioned a simple nursery. No bright colors, simple without all the clutter. I also wanted the decor of the house to continue to flow into the nursery. Think grey, black, white and shades of blue. Our whole house is painted the same grey color so that also helped the flow.


The woodland animal artwork was found on Etsy. Once purchased, images were sent to me in a PDF file, which I then had printed through Snapfish. These frames are my favorite.

I went back and forth between a few cribs but liked the simple and modern look of this one. I wanted the crib and changing table to match but whenever I found a crib or changing table I liked there was never a matching counter part. So, the fact that I could easily find the matching changing table sold me. And the crib liner was added once Gunner started rolling around and I had nightmares of waking up and finding him stuck in the slats.

Never thought I would do so much research on a diaper pail. We went with this one mainly because you don’t have to buy special trash bags, you can use the ones you already have.

Our crib sheet, blanket and changing pad cover are super soft and get softer with every wash.  For new moms just make sure you buy two crib sheets and two changing pad covers.  (It was a rookie mistake on my part!)

A glider is a MUST when you put together is nursery. We love ours because it’s big enough to get cozy in.

The floating book shelves were a very last minute add. As in last week, last minute. They were super easy to install, so says Sean.

We love the Hatch Baby sound machine and night light, but literally 2 weeks after we got this one they came out with an updated one with a clock. One of the many reasons you don’t want to buy things too soon! I finally feel like the nursery is 90% complete. The every growing closet will be my last project to tackle before we turn our loft space into a play room.

You can find all the links to the circle shelf in the this post.

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