5 Essentials For Traveling with Baby


Starting to feel like we have the hang of traveling with a baby after a week away from home and plenty of day trips down. My biggest piece of advice when traveling is to not over think it. Also, if you’re going to a city or have a car, you can probably buy forgotten essentials where ever you go!

Sound Machine– Sean and I have always slept with a sound machine (we usually just use an app on our phones) but we brought this travel one with us. You can even attach it to the stroller when you’re on the go. We use it more to drown out all the noises Gunner makes when sleeping. He’s SUCH a noisy sleeper.

Crib Sheet– Maybe it’s me but I get a little freaked out by all the germs in hotels, never mind baby stuff. The hotel provided a crib, I wiped it down with my Thieves wipes and then we brought our own crib sheet. We love this brand, they get softer with every wash.

Insulated water bottle– for any baby having formula, this has been the easiest way to create a warm bottle without having a bottle warmer when out and about. We brought gallon jugs of filtered water then heated up the water on the stove in the hotel.

Portable Changing Pad-Baby has to be changed in so many public places and there is either no changing table or they don’t provide changing table covers.  Gross. I never leave home without this. Also, if you have baby with you driving around a lot and feel like you are always changing them in the car, you need this. We have one we just keep it in the car.

Baby Carrier – If you follow me on Instagram then you know Gunner loves to be close to mama. I LOVE this carrier. Carriers are super helpful when you visit a city since navigating a stroller on the busy streets can be super annoying. I like to wear this one if we are going to dinner and Gunner is just going to hang out in it while we eat.


I will also add PATIENCE to this list. Everything takes longer with a newborn &  the unexpected is bound to happen.  I feel like if you know this going into your travels you will be in a better mind set when something sets you back.


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