Gunner James: 5 Months

Here we are, five months. We have had some big changes in the past month. The biggest being introducing foods. Our pediatrician said we could start at 4 months but I didn’t feel he was ready just yet.. While we were in Seattle I noticed a huge shift in Gunner’s interest in food as well as his hand to mouth coordination. So, last week we started the slow process of introducing food. (I’ll write a separate post on exactly what we are doing.)

Gunner is definitely one happy baby. He started belly laughs, which are the cutest. Sean and I look like complete goons trying to get him to laugh. He’s also been VERY chatty lately. This high pitched voice comes out of him sometimes and he starts laughing like he is proud of himself. He also started rolling from back to front, he’s not into being on his belly so this has definitely taken some time. Gunner would much rather jump around in his jumper then be on his belly.

The more he grows the more exciting the days get. Can’t wait to see what he has in store for us over the next month.

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