Gunner James: Birth Story, Part One

The greatest Mother’s Day gift I could have received, the birth of our little miracle.

Gunner James Thornton was born on Sunday, May 12, 2019 at 5:29pm weighing 6lbs 13 oz and 20 inches long.

His birth story is something I will cherish forever.


Last picture as Thornton party of 2!

Gunner’s birth story actually started the day before his arrival on Saturday, May 11th.  That morning I attended a yoga workshop with Kim Tang.  I couldn’t do many postures but I love to soak up any information/yoga energy at these workshops.  However I did work on one posture with her and when finished she said, “You’re going into labor tonight.” In my head I was thinking how that would never happen, but I was so uncomfortable at this point in pregnancy that I was secretly hoping she was right.

Later in the day Sean and I went out to run baby errands, basically how we spent our weekends now, and I noticed my right ankle had swelled up.  It wast just my right ankle, which we thought was very odd, so I called the Dr and they suggested I head to the ER to rule out a blood clot.  Once we got the ok from the ER that it wasn’t a blood clot we went to Labor and Delivery to monitor the baby.  (After 20 weeks this is required whenever you come into the hospital).  The nurse in triage hooked me up and was ready to leave the room when she said, “oh look you are having a contraction.” I had NO idea that the pressure I was feeling in my belly was actually a contraction.  We stayed hooked up to the monitors and saw that my contractions were far apart and nothing to worry about.  They released me and said I might be dehydrated, just to go home and drink lots of water.  I did just that, drank a gallon of water, we watched Green Book (SO good) and went to bed at 9pm.

At 5am I woke up to use the restroom and (TMI) it looked like I peed my pants.  I was in total denial that it could be my water breaking.  After all, the stories I’ve heard, when your water breaks it is more like a sudden gush of water and you might even hear a pop.  For me it was like I was slowly leaking.  I called the Dr once again and they said get to L & D. I remember waking Sean and saying, “I think my water broke, but I’m not sure.”

Anyways, back to L & D we went.  As soon as I was admitted they ran a test to confirm that indeed my water did break and sure enough it came back positive, we were not leaving the hospital now.  I was in total disbelief, shocked and scared that our baby was coming a month early.

They were monitoring my contractions, and they were consistent to begin with but I noticed they slowed down a little.  So the Dr gave me on dosage of misoprostol. We had no idea it was all I needed to kick start this labor process.  At this point it was around 11am I was only 1cm dilated so we thought we would be hanging out for a little bit so I was advised to get some food because this could be my only chance.  My mom had arrived at this point so we sent Sean out to get us something to eat.  In the time it took for Sean to quickly grab food and come back my labor took an intense turn.  He came back and my contractions were getting more intense.  I tried to see how long I could take the pain before calling for an epidural, let’s just say it wasn’t long.

Now the fun begins.  I received my first epidural and could still feel the intense contractions on my right side, I tried to push through it but we called back the anesthesiologist to retry. Two epidurals later and I could STILL feel everything on my right side. I was screaming and crying in pain as I had quickly dilated to 8cm, baby was ready. Now because of the pain I was in they anesthesiologist gave me lidocaine which ended up back firing on us.  It was too strong of a dose and I could not feel anything from my belly down, My legs were such dead weights that the nurses had to hold them up.  Now because I was so numb, I couldn’t push. My midwife told me to rest a little bit that it should wear off in 30 mins and we would retry.  I tried to rest but my mind was racing because baby boy was ready and I couldn’t feel a single thing.  After 30ish minutes my midwife coached me through the whole labor process.  They told me to push when a contraction was coming and since I was slowly getting feeling back they were able to tell me what sensations to feel for when they knew I was pushing.

It felt like I was pushing forever but Sean says it was only 30 minutes.

Gunner James finally arrived at 5:29pm and it was instant love.  Tears flooded my eyes as I was finally able to hold our miracle baby boy.

So many happy hormonal tears.
My first picture of our little man.
I can’t believe how tiny he looked compared to Sean’s hand.


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