Birthday in Hood River, OR

Walking around downtown Hood River, OR

Thirty years old and 35 weeks pregnant,  I can’t believe it.  Life totally gets better with age and I love it.

@ my favorite place, The Gorge White House

So May 5th was my birthday and all I wanted was to spend some time with my husband and go to Hood River, OR.  The little town quickly became one of our favorite spots after we did the famous fruit loop last year. There are endless wineries, farm stands, breweries and then a perfect little town to grab a bite to eat, watch some kite surfers and do a little shopping at the local boutiques.  Can I just say I am so ready to do some shopping for myself? I feel like it has been forever, which it has, but there is no reason for me to purchase any clothes when I am this pregnant and have no idea how anything will fit in 3 months. IMG_1236Anyways, back to the birthday, first we stopped at Doppio in downtown Hood River for some lunch before we started exploring the town.  They have great coffee, smoothies, sandwiches etc and an outdoor patio to eat and people watch. After we fueled up we took a walk up and down the streets of downtown Hood River, going in and out of shops browsing for some local finds for the home and for baby, of course. Next up was a little drive to The Gorge White House.  Easily my favorite stop when you are doing the fruit loop.  They have u-pick flowers, fresh fruit, ice cream and a bar where they serve local cider. Oh and the views are like something out of a magazine, you see Mt Hood in one direction and Mt Adams in another.  Sean had a hard cider, I just soaked up the sunshine and views. Next up was a stop to get my favorite cookies ever.  I never thought I would love gingersnap cookies so much but these cookies at Packer Orchards are out of this world good.  The produce and fruit is not in season yet (give it another week) so we settled on a bunch of cookies.


Next stop was a first for us.  We went to Sugar Pine Drive-In.  I don’t even know how I found out about this place, I think Instagram, but it is simply amazing.  When you think of Drive-In’s you definitely would never imagine this place.  Nestled off I-84 in a little town close to the Lewis and Clark Park you will find this unique stop with ice cream treats, yummy lunches and frozen lemonade.  I am already planning a trip back.


After Sugar Pine, we headed home.  I was exhausted from our perfect day of exploring.  Exploring the Pacific Northwest has become one of our favorite things to do because there is so much for us to see and do. It was the perfect day for this mama to be.

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