Our Baby Shower

In typical Sean and Kendra fashion we went against the norm and decided on a Jack and Jill baby shower at a brewery here in Vancouver, WA.

Our amazing beer cookies by Almost Famous by Tracy Invites came from Minted.

I hate being the center of attention, which is why I never did a bridal shower or any of that stuff when getting married.  However, I wanted to do something to celebrate the birth of our little miracle baby but wanted it to be something that we both enjoyed.


We decided on a super casual Sunday party at Hopworks Brewery and it could not have been more perfect. Sean’s friend even flew in Saturday for the celebration and my mom arrived a few days earlier. (She is our official new roomie!) At the actual shower we were surrounded by the friends we have made over the past year and a half living in the Pacific Northwest. It was casual, fun and just a great excuse to get friends together!

I think it is super important when celebrating these special occasions you do exactly what YOU want.  If you want a “typical” baby shower, amazing, do it.  If you want something completely different, do that!  There’s no wrong way to celebrate!



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