Infertility Awareness Week


What a week to get our maternity photos.

Over the past two years National Infertility Awareness Week has given me faith and fueled my soul to push through our struggles and become pregnant.  It is a week where I looked on social media reading endless stories, seeing countless similarities, but ultimately I saw hope.

Infertility looks different for many people. We got a two for one special and struggled with both male and female infertility issues. Infertility is not one sided, something I believe people forget. If you want to read more about our story, check out my Instagram, I have two post that are completely dedicated to sharing our struggles.


If you know someone going through infertility, try your best not to give your opinion or suggestions, for example, what worked for you. Know that infertility is usually much bigger than drinking a glass or wine or just relaxing. When people would say things like that to me it was beyond frustrating because they had no idea of the medical issues we were up against.  Instead, I wish people helped to keep me busy, keep my mind off things, or asked how treatment was going (not constantly asking if I was pregnant). Basically, anything to show they would listen.  I did not share our struggles very publicly because of the responses I received when I first opened up to others.


If you are struggling with infertility Resolve is a wonderful resource that provides so much information and support. Also, they provide ways to talk with your employer about insurance coverage, which is one of the biggest stressors couples face when dealing with infertility.IMG_9986

My biggest tip, when you are going through treatments and meeting with doctors, is to do your research, bring questions to the table.  This is where the community of infertility warriors comes into major play.  Many of our stories are the same which can help you decide how to proceed with whatever struggles you are going to face.

At the end of the day if you are struggling to create your family know you are not alone, find your tribe and connect with them daily.  And most of all, don’t loose hope.


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