Weekend Wrap-Up: Springtime at the Farmer’s Market

The weekend started off slow, we a inferno pilates class and getting our weekend errands complete. (Think grocery shopping, baby stuff, dog park etc.) Our weekends from here till the middle of May are jam packed so we are trying to take advantage of the time we have now to get things done before baby Thornton arrives!

Jogging stroller is set up and ready to go.
How our Saturday really started, lots of snuggles with our first born.

On Sunday we took our first trip of 2019 to the downtown Vancouver Farmer’s Market, YAY! All I can say is helloooo spring. I love this time of year here, it’s absolutely the best.

The farmer’s market always has gorgeous blooms! Here are some double daffodils.

While the downtown Vancouver’s Farmers Market might not have all the produce vendors yet it was still so wonderful to walk around in the sunshine and see what new vendors there were. If you’ve never been to this area of the country during the spring/summer time it’s FULL of fresh organic locally grown fruit, veggies and the most beautiful flowers. The downtown market will be flooded with cherries and berries in about a month.

Of course we picked up some treats for Finn.

I also decided to drag Sean around downtown Vancouver to take pictures of me at 30 weeks pregnant in from of a mural I’ve driven by so many times. We’ve got a big week ahead of us, week two of birthing classes and then a baby cpr class, it’s becoming more real every single day.

This mural is my favorite, we never gave up hope on our little miracle baby.



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