Finding Essential Oils

If you follow me on Instagram you will know my love of essential oils.  Not just any oils but Young Living Essential Oils. I found oils through a blogger I followed and one day I spiraled down an Instagram hole reading up on how people used them, what they used them for etc.  I was so skeptical at first.  I didn’t want anything to do with an MLM business, they felt over priced & I wasn’t sure what all the hype was. I went back and forth between ordering them (literally for months). Then I was having one of those weeks where I was on the hunt for ANYTHING to help with my lack of sleep, depression and hormones (thanks to infertility). I took the hint from the universe and pulled the plug on buying a Premium Starter Kit,  it completely changed my life and my growing families.


When I placed my first order I just wanted something to help me sleep through the night and support my hormones. It was back in June 2018 and I was coming off my 3rd failed round of hormones. I was constantly stressed, dealing with a dark depression & waking up in the middle of the night with endless thoughts running through my head.

When I opened my starter kit I immediately opened every bottle and soaked up all the incredible scents. With your starter kit you also receive a sample packet of Thieves Cleaner and Nixigia Red (it’s not just oils!).  We were already trying to use as many non toxic products in our home and finding YL just made it SO easy, it’s a one stop shop I can trust that my family is getting quality products.  It’s been a slow process but we have ditched and switched almost all our products to create a non toxic home.


The best part about my Young Living experience has been the people I have met that are living the same kind of life. The support you get from the team you sign up with is so important and honestly makes the whole experience worth it.  It can be overwhelming at first, trust me I’ve been there!

If you’re looking to get into essential oils and you don’t know where to start, I highly recommend purchasing the starter kit.  You will get the most popular oils from YL as well as sample packets of other goodies for you to test out. Play around with them and see how they work in your life, you might just be amazed!


Click here to join our amazing team and get started with essential oils!


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